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The world is growing smaller by the day; the most remote locations are now accessible, ideas are being exchanged on a larger scale and at little to no cost, whilst cultures are continuously infused into one another… and all this is one click away! The Internet has provided a base platform to not only reach out to, but stay connected with your daughter in Germany, your old schoolmate in Japan, your nephew in Brazil, your Business Partner in China… All of this at a more cost-effective rate without compromising on quality of service. We want to play our part in bringing the world closer together – through tailor made solutions to best meet each client’s needs. We are inspired by you, our customer, because you carry a unique set of needs that a blanket approach and solution cannot fully satisfy. The creation of a Unique Customer Experience means each and every solution we offer is considered carefully and effort applied in putting together an IP package that is just right for you.

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Bright Telecoms is a new dynamic and innovative telecoms firm based in Johannesburg. Founded in 2016, it is powered by young and brilliant minds, and is wholly indigenous owned (75% feminine). Our firm was created to bridge a critical market gap – provision of a Unique Customer Experience to each and every customer – because not all customer needs are ever the same.

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A customer should always pay for satisfaction and not product. This means the utmost care is put into providing you with a superior and quality product.

Our relationship with a customer does not end when the transaction is completed. We are always a call away to offer any technical support and/or training needed. We care! Success is never final and Failure never fatal.

We keep looking into new IP technology solutions that enhance the customer’s experience. Quality always trumps Quantity.

We believe in getting the right Service Partners to ensure a seamless product – professional installation services, reliable internet connection and provision, expert technical support and friendly aftersales services.

Cost effectiveness: Although the emphasis on quality remains imperative – our rates must always be cost effective and make it worthwhile for you our customer. We cut the cost whilst enhancing the quality.

Having fun! Fun creates a conducive atmosphere for innovation and dynamic ideas. Our best work is done with a light heart, smile on the face and goal to make your day.

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Let’s be honest… everyone has that IT savvy friend who keeps dropping technical acronyms that confuse you, but you wont admit it because you don’t want them thinking they are smarter than you?… Well we strive to do the opposite! IP technology can be very confusing, and our job is not to confuse you further, but put it in a way that is relevant to your needs. This is why we chose the following products:

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